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J. De Sigio Construction was founded by Julian De Sigio Jr. and his son Julian De Sigio, III in July of 2004.  Julian Jr. has over 25 years experience in the field of construction with emphasis on construction management of  water, waste water, and reclaimed water projects.  Mr. De Sigio, Jr. is responsible for the overall management of company projects including scheduling and keeping potential change orders to a minimum.  He maintains a clear and concise line of communication between our clients and JDC team members.

Julian De Sigio, III has over 18 years experience of pipeline industry as a pipe layer, operator, and presently as a field foreman/superintendent.  His specialty is to work one-on-one with the waterline crew foreman to insure the proper installation of the pipeline in accordance with the specifications of each agency.  Mr. De Sigio, III has extensive construction experience in excavating, pipe installation, backfilling and compaction, paving, boring, traffic control and knowledge of permit compliance with public agencies and utility companies.  Mr. De Sigio, III understands all aspects of field activity pertaining to pipeline construction as he began his construction at the laborer level and progressed upwards to the foreman positon.  Mr. De Sigio, III possesses a Class A general engineering contractor license.  Mr. De Sigio, III is a co-founder of JDC.

Other key personnel include, Mr. Scott Walker, Mr. Walker has over 20 years experience in the water works supply and construction industry.  He is active in the estimating of projects as well as project support for both Julian, Jr. and Julian, III in scheduling the projects, submittal preparation and the coordination with the field foremen for material ordering and delivery.

JDC has a current California Class "A" General Engineering Contractor License (#737593) and a C-36 license.  JDC qualifies for and maintains a T-1 Annual Trench/Excavation Permit (#2005-905668) that is applicable for use on all projects within the state of California.  JDC also has competent  workmen who have completed courses in both Trench/Excavation and Confined Space programs.

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